Anxious Patients

Anxious Patients


If you experience anxiety over visiting the dentist you are not alone. At Prairie Mall Dental in Grande Prairie, you will find a friendly and patient team that will help you through your appointment at a pace you’re comfortable with.

Anxious Patients

At Prairie Mall Dental Clinic, we understand that for some of our patients a visit to the dentist can cause a little anxiety.

For some, it’s the thought of getting an injection, for others, it’s possible post-operative discomfort.

Whatever the reason, our kind and caring team will listen closely and help you through every step of your appointment.

The good news is, we’ve seen patients relax over time to a point where they actually look forward to their appointments!

Causes of Dental Anxiety?

A number of things can cause anxiety over a visit to the dentist.

Often dental anxiety is caused by uncertainty. We can all be a little guilty of it – scared of trying new things.

That’s why our team at Prairie Mall Dental team will help to ensure you understand what’s involved in your treatment before begin any procedure.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to know the details, we’ll keep them to ourselves.

Sometimes a previous bad experience may be the source of patient anxiety. Please let our team know if you’ve ever had a bad experience – making you feel comfortable in our care is a priority of our team.

The most common thing we hear from patients, is fear of the needles.

In order to help ease this fear, we offer patients a topical treatment before we begin to ensure that your gums are well frozen. This will prevent help reduce discomfort during your treatment.

As always, we will listen to your concerns and only proceed when you are ready and if you would like us to stop at any point during your treatment, simply raise your hand or give us a signal.