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Appreciating Our Sterilization Team at PMDC!

Our Sterilization Team is an important part of our clinic! At Prairie Mall Dental Clinic we acknowledge and appreciate all of our staff. This month we took the time to especially appreciate all of the hard work our sterilization team puts in! Since they do not have an "official appreciation week", we made one for them! Thank you Steffany and Raponzil!
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Back to School Oral Health Check-Ins at Prairie Mall Dental Clinic!

It’s almost time for back to school! During this time of year, you likely have a checklist of things to help get your child ready. Don't forget to check in on their oral health too! At Prairie Mall Dental Clinic, our experienced team will make your child feel comfortable and at ease during their appointment. We’ll make sure their oral health is at it’s best and provide the care that they need! In addition, our dental team will help with at-home oral health care tips too.
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Celebrating Creamsicle Day at Prairie Mall Dental Clinic!

Today is Creamsicle Day and we celebrated with some fun creamsicle treats at Prairie Mall Dental Clinic! You can always count on our team for friendly smiles and a good time. We believe your oral health care should be taken care of in a relaxing and inviting environment, along with our professional and experienced team.
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What Is Gum Disease and How Can You Prevent It?

Gums can start to show signs of disease when tartar that builds up in the mouth begins to leak. The bacteria that gets trapped in the mouth can irritate the gums. Swollen and red gums are common signs of gum disease. Sometimes, when you floss or brush these sensitive areas, it can cause the gums to bleed as well. Hereat Prairie Mall Dental in Grande Prairie, we offer excellent dental treatments and can treat many common gum disease concerns.
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Tips About Your Toothbrush!

It is common knowledge that brushing your teeth twice daily is vital for good oral health! However, do you know if the toothbrush you are using is the best one for you? How do you evaluate a toothbrush and what should you be looking for? At Prairie Mall Dental Clinic in Grande Prairie, we can help!
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